I'm J.Gary from Rosedale, Mississippi where I graduated from West Bolivar District High School -- shout out to the class of '91!

I'm a father, brother, music lover, self-proclaimed fisherman, and lifelong culinary enthusiast with a passion for using food to connect people to the joys of southern culture. I have done my share of traveling and encountered many foods from many countries, introducing myself to new flavors to incorporate into my own recipes and dry rub creations.

My mother, the late great Lettie Pearl Gary, inspired this love for cooking throughout my childhood. She was a master at entertaining guests and cooking the perfect meal for every occasion.

I started developing the All-Rub recipe around the year 2000. As a self-taught grill master and culinary arts enthusiast, I have always done research on methods for creating the perfect flavors and textures for every meal that I've prepared.

Like most southern men, I have been fishing and barbecuing for as long as I can remember. I'd been in search of a dry rub that would bring robust smoky flavors to all meats, veggies, and seafoods but I could never find the flavor I needed in stores so I created it myself!

GARY'S ALL-RUB provides the perfect balance between zesty, savory, and smoked flavors. It's not quite spicy, but it definitely carries a mild heat. It has a hint of sweetness and the perfect amount of garlic. I only use natural ingredients and every recipe is tested extensively for taste and quality before it is added to the GARY FLAVORS collection.

My goal is to use my love for culinary creativity to build a namesake legacy that my family can be proud of while building a source of generational wealth to leave behind for my great great great (and so on) grandchildren to benefit from.

Enjoy the rub!

Be sure to find me on social media @GaryFlavorsBBQ if you want to talk about food, barbecue, or just need a good recipe to try.
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- J.Gary