There are many ways to prepare barbecue chicken, and not all of them require the grill. Every once in a while I get a craving for some tender, fall-off-the-bone baked barbecue chicken.


Clean the meat and season it with Gary's All-Rub (both the traditional and low-sodium options work great for this recipe).


Place all of the seasoned chicken into a ziplock bag and do your best to squeeze all of the air out of the bag after adding the chicken. Place the bag of chicken in the fridge and allow it to marinate for about 45 minutes.


Pre-heat the oven between 375-400 degrees (highly recommend 375 for better flavor penetration). Take the meat out of the fridge, and place it into your preferred baking pan. Add a little water to the pan. I recommend about a half an inch (tall) of water depending on how deep the pan is (one-inch maximum). Cover the pan with foil and bake for about 1 and a half hours.


After the 1.5 hours have passed, take the chicken out of the oven and remove the foil. Pour your favorite barbecue sauce into the pan and shake it a little to cover the chicken. If you like your sauce brushed on instead, this is the time for that. 


After the barbecue sauce is applied to your liking, apply one final dusting of Gary's All-Rub and place the chicken back into the oven (same temperature) for about 15 more minutes. 

That's it! When the 15 minutes has passed and the final dusting of All-Rub has married into the outer layer of sauce, this chicken is officially ready to serve. Be sure to warn your guests that this recipe is so good that the flavors might just jump out and slap 'em in the face LOL.


It's hard to recommend just one side for this juicy baked chicken. Sometimes I like to pair it with homemade garlic mashed potatoes and/or fresh sweet corn (not frozen). Enjoy!